Engineered Fiber

Note: This is a variation of Kaowool Bulk Ceramic Fiber (2300ºF – 3000ºF Range).

Thermal Ceramics manufactures a complete line of refractory bulk fibers, each of which offers its own unique combination of properties. These bulk products are produced by varying composition, fiber length, compressecell nameensity, fiber content, fiber diameter, and lubricity to serve a wide range of customer needs.

Kaowool, the original Kaolin-based refractory fiber, is manufactured using high pressure air attenuation.

Kaowool High Purity, a high-purity blend of alumincell namend silica manufactured using high pressure an attenuation.

Cerafiber®, a high-purity synthetic blend of alumina and silica, is manufactured using the melt spinning process as are all “Cera” fibers.

Cerachem® is a bulk refractory fiber produced from an alumina-silica-zirconia composition designed to resist excessive shrinkage at elevated temperatures.

Cerachrome® is a bulk refractory fiber produced from an alumina-silica-chromia composition which provides for a maximum use limit of 2600ºF (1427ºC).

Saffil® is a 96% high-purity polycrystalline fiber that is manufactured by a unique solution process to control fiber diameter and non-fibrous material (shot content).


Standard Packaging25 lb ctn
Fiber Index60-99
Fiber LengthVarious
Fiber LubricationUnlubricated

Additional Information

Kaowool Enfil® fibers are based on our extensive family of bulks value adding technology has been developed to allow Thermal Ceramics to tailor products to meet specificell nameustomer requirements. Fiber length, diameter, and surface treatment can bcell namengineered as can the fiber content. Thermal Ceramics can work with you to produce a Kaowool Engineered Fiber to meet your unique requirements. The various grades of fibers can be engineered for applications in plastic reinforcement, metal matrix composites, and automotive applications.
Kaowool Bulk Fiber can be used as high-temperature loose fill or packing material in a variety of applications including expansion joint construction, furnace walls and base seals, low mass kiln car top construction, tube seal fabrication, and packing around hard refractory furnace components such as burner blocks.
These products are also used in secondary processes such as felting, vacuum forming boards and shapes, and the manufacture of specialty papers, textiles, high-temperature adhesives and moldable products. Thermal Ceramics bulk fibers offer a maximum temperature range of between 2500 and 3000 (1200 to 1549). They also provide excellent chemical stability and resistance to chemical attack. Exceptions include hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acids, and strong alkalies. If wet by oil or water, thermal and physical properties will be fully restored after drying. Compared to other refractory materials, bulk fibers and products made from them are lightweight, resistant to thermal shock, and provide a low thermal conductivity. The sound absorption capabilities of Thermal Ceramics bulk fibers are far superior than those of dense refractories or other insulating refractories.

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