Product Category: Cement Boards

Foundry Service’s line of high temperature fiber reinforced cement boards and fiber cement panels feature high strength structural insulating properties and excellent machinability. Cement boards are capable of withstanding high temperatures, loads, and electrical conditions with less shrinkage and degradation as compared to previous non-asbestos formulas. They are hydraulically pressed into monolithic boards from Portland cement and selected non-asbestos, non-ceramic/refractory fibers. The board is then air or oven cured for exceptional machinability, and sanded to a standard 24 grit finish. The materials are non-combustible and can withstand operating temperatures of up to 1000ºF. They have low thermal conductivity, so work well for many structural insulating applications. They are non-conductive and will not rot or mold when exposed to prolonged dampness. The materials can be cut and machined with standard carbide shop tools.

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