We are a one stop shop for a range of machining and fabrication services

We are a one stop shop for a range of machining and fabrication services

Fast Turnaround

We have engineered special tooling and fixturing devices that allow us to quickly load and run jobs for the fastest possible turnaround. Our STANDARD fabrication lead-times are generally 2-3 working days or better.

Built to Your Specifications

Fast Shipping

Stock materials can usually be shipped the same day we receive an order. Large jobs can generally be shipped in 1-2 weeks.

Our Unique Services Include

Machined parts per print (or sample)

Including ceramics, plastics, graphite, and other tough to machine materials. We design and build our own tooling in-house which means quick turn around and the industry’s most competitive prices.


Countertop and lab top fabrication

Featuring Slatescape & Colorlith fiber reinforced cement composite and Richlite solid surface materials. Surface applications are limitless.


Cast and fired ceramics

Cast and fired ceramics that can be post-machined for increased tolerances if required.


Castable refractories

Castable refractories for furnace, molten metal & glass contact, and Super Plastic Forming (SPF) tooling. We offer turn-key castings including in-house mold making, multiple high horsepower paddle mixers, large vibrating tables, and oven drying and curing.


In-house sewing operation

We have an in-house sewing operation for standard and custom textile fabrication including welding blankets & curtains, tadpole door seals, gaskets, insulation pillows, and tank & furnace insulation blankets and covers.


Grinding Services

Blanchard grinding, ceramics grinding & boring, and other custom grinding services are available for our materials or your materials.


Panel Cutting Saws

Large-scale panel cutting saws with diamond blades allow us to accurately cut sheets and panels in excess of 5′ x 12′ and up to 3″ thick. Our auto-loading CNC panel saw streamlines production of large jobs.


Die cutting and punching services

Die cutting and punching services with in-house tooling capabilities.


Engineering Services

Engineering services including CAD drawings from samples, part and insulation systems design, heat flow calculations, and material recommendations.

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