Kaowool Bulk Ceramic Fiber (2300ºF – 3000ºF Range)

Thermal Ceramics manufactures a complete line of refractory bulk fibers, each of which offers its own unique combination of properties. These bulk products are produced by varying composition, fiber length, compressecell nameensity, fiber content, fiber diameter, and lubricity to serve a wide range of customer needs.

Kaowool, the original Kaolin-based refractory fiber, is manufactured using high pressure air attenuation.

Kaowool High Purity, a high-purity blend of alumincell namend silica manufactured using high pressure an attenuation.

Cerafiber®, a high-purity synthetic blend of alumina and silica, is manufactured using the melt spinning process as are all “Cera” fibers.

Cerachem® is a bulk refractory fiber produced from an alumina-silica-zirconia composition designed to resist excessive shrinkage at elevated temperatures.

Cerachrome® is a bulk refractory fiber produced from an alumina-silica-chromia composition which provides for a maximum use limit of 2600ºF (1427ºC).

Saffil® is a 96% high-purity polycrystalline fiber that is manufactured by a unique solution process to control fiber diameter and non-fibrous material (shot content).

Product Variations

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