Industrial Solutions

Heat and corrosion resistant industrial solutions

Industrial Products

Architectural Solutions

High-density fiber cement boards for many applications

Architectural Products

Foundry Service & Supplies offers the latest in heat and corrosion resistant industrial insulation & construction materials

Architectural Projects

See our completed and installed architectural solutions

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Industrial Products

Bricks & Mortars

Calcium Silicate Boards

Cast & Fired Ceramics

Castable Refractories

Cement Boards

Cements, Coatings, & Mortars

Ceramic Fiber Insulation & Accessories

Engineering Composite Materials

Textiles & Ceramic Fiber (RCF) Free Insulation

Architectural Products

AFC TerraSlat - Terracotta Facade

Anti-Ballistic Composite Panels

Corrugated Fiber Cement Boards

Fiber Cement Boards

Under Sidewalk Rectangular Drainpipe

Custom Services

Our special tooling and fixturing devices allow us to quickly load and run jobs for the fastest possible turnaround

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