Product Category: Calcium Silicate Boards

Calcium silicate boards are white, non-asbestos, high temperature structural insulating boards that exhibit good thermal shock resistance and stability, consistently low thermal conductivity, high structural strength at elevated temperatures, incombustibility, electrical insulating properties when dry, excellent machinability, insolubility in water, and non-corroding properties. Foundry Service stocks a variety of calcium silicate boards in a broad range of densities for both insulating and structural applications including oven and furnace insulation, molten metal contact parts and assemblies, structural steel and pipe insulation, electrical cable tray and grease duct insulation, and a variety of specialty machined shapes and components. The high density grades Ultratemp-SD and Marinite-P are used extensively for high-temperature platen press insulation and machine base plates. Foundry Service’s extensive cutting and machining capabilities makes it easy to get the exact size and shape required for any job.

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