1906 Glastic Grade SG-200

Note: This is a variation of Glastic SG-200 & FHT Sheet (SG-200 is a 410ºF Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester Sheet / FHT is a 392ºF Flexible High Temp. Laminate).

SG-200 and FHT are the highest temperature FRP composite materials. They offer similar properties as the lower temperature materials, and SG-200 has excellent machinability. SG-200 is the rigid version, and FHT is the flexible version.


Oxygen Index21.8 % Oxygen
IEC Track Resistance (CTI) ( V )500+
UL High Voltage Track Rate ( in/min )0
UL Recognition File NumberE81928
UL Subject 94HB
UL High Amp Ignition200+ #Exposure
Flexural Strength ( psi )29000
Specific Gravity1.70
Water Absorption ( % )0.3
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion ( in/in/ºC )2 x 10-5
Tensile Strength ( psi )12500
Compressive Strength ( psi )36000
Shear Strength ( psi )11100
Arc Resistance120/180 sec (Post-cured)
Thermal Conductivity ( BTU-in/hr-ft²-ºF )1.7
Standard ColorNatural/Tan
Tensile Modulus ( psi )1.7 x 106
IZOD Impact Strength (Notched) ( ft lb/in )12.0
Permittivity, 60 Hz4.6
Dissipation Factor, 60 Hz0.037
Insulation Resistance ( ohm )145 x 1012
UL Temperature Index for Electrical ( ºC )210
UL Temperature Index for Mechanical ( ºC )210
Electrical Strength - Perpendicular S/T in Air ( vpm )500
Electrical Strength - Parallel S/S in Oil ( kV )50
Permittivity, MHz3.7
Dissipation Factor, MHz0.013
UL Hot Wire Ignition ( sec )0.028 in./35
0.058 in./39
Electrical Strength - Perpendicular S/T in Oil ( vpm )625

Additional Information

  • Extremely Strong
  • Excellent Retention Of Properties At Elevated Temperatures
  • Ideal For High Temperature Applications
  • Easily Fabricated
  • Asbestos-Free
Glastic Grade SG-200 High-Strength & High-Temperature Laminate offers the same high-performance features and benefits as Glastic’s FHT Laminate. In addition, SG-200 offers much higher mechanical strengths than FHT with temperature ratings of up to 210ºC.

Because of its capabilities, Glastic SG-200 is ideal for a wide variety of product applications requiring high temperature NEMA GPO-1 products. Grade SG-200 is also a superior replacement material for epoxy-bonded mica in layer insulation applications. SG-200 has a UL Temperature Index of 210ºC Electrical and 210ºC Mechanical. Glastic Grade SG-200 is available in thicknesses of 1/32″ to 1-1/4″ and in a natural tan color. Special sheet sizes of 64″ x 64″ are available for large lifting magnets.

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