Glastic SG-200 & FHT Sheet (SG-200 is a 410ºF Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester Sheet / FHT is a 392ºF Flexible High Temp. Laminate)

SG-200 and FHT are the highest temperature FRP composite materials. They offer similar properties as the lower temperature materials, and SG-200 has excellent machinability. SG-200 is the rigid version, and FHT is the flexible version.


Oxygen Index21.8 % Oxygen
IEC Track Resistance (CTI) ( V )500+
UL High Voltage Track Rate ( in/min )0
UL Recognition File NumberE81928
UL Subject 94HB
UL High Amp Ignition200+ #Exposure


  • Typical average values for testing 0.063 inch thick material. Values will vary somewhat from thickness to thickness within a material grade.
  • Post-cured

  • Product Variations

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