G32P44 Industrial Cloth

Note: This is a variation of Fiberglass Fabrics, Tapes, Ropes, & Sleeving (1000ºF+ Textiles).

Fiberglass textiles arcell namengineered and manufactured to meet a wide variety of requirements and applications. In designing and engineering fiberglass textile products, the requirements of their end uses determine the yarn size and construction, weave pattern, fabricell nameonstruction and fabric finish. The filament diameter, count, twist, and the ply of the yarn all affect the thickness, weight, pliability, surface texture, and tensile strength of the fabric. The weave pattern controls its stability ancell nameirectional strength. The fabric construction influences strength, pliability and appearance. The fabric finish stabilizes the weave and/or improves its resistance to high temperature, moisture, flame, abrasion, etc. Foundry Service offers these materials in the form of cloth, rope, tape, sleeving, and custom sewn shapes such as welding blankets and tadpole door seals. Various treatments and/or coatings are also available to suit specific applications.


Density ( oz/yd² )32.0
End per 1"18
Picks per 1"12
Standard Roll Width ( in )40
Finishes (Non-Metallic Cloth Only)Firm Hand - #39
Flame Retardant - #35
Heat Treated - #31
Rewet Adhesive - #34
Silicone Coated - #36
Water/Oil Repel - #41
Wear Resist - #30
Weave Set - #32


Expansion Joints
Fire Blankets
Gasket Cloth
Insulation Blankets
Rubber Reinforcing
Tank Seal Liners
Welders Curtains

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