Fiberglass Fabrics, Tapes, Ropes, & Sleeving (1000ºF+ Textiles)

Fiberglass textiles arcell namengineered and manufactured to meet a wide variety of requirements and applications. In designing and engineering fiberglass textile products, the requirements of their end uses determine the yarn size and construction, weave pattern, fabricell nameonstruction and fabric finish. The filament diameter, count, twist, and the ply of the yarn all affect the thickness, weight, pliability, surface texture, and tensile strength of the fabric. The weave pattern controls its stability ancell nameirectional strength. The fabric construction influences strength, pliability and appearance. The fabric finish stabilizes the weave and/or improves its resistance to high temperature, moisture, flame, abrasion, etc. Foundry Service offers these materials in the form of cloth, rope, tape, sleeving, and custom sewn shapes such as welding blankets and tadpole door seals. Various treatments and/or coatings are also available to suit specific applications.

Applicable Specifications

Amatex Thermoglass™ products can be manufactured to meet U.S. Government specification Mll-C-20079 and other customer specifications, as required. For insulation materials with special corrosion and chloride requirements. Thermoglass™ products can be supplied in conformance to MIL-I-24244.

Thermoglass™ products will not burn or smolder.

High Heat Resistance
May be used at surface temperatures ranging from 120ºF to 1000ºF. Retains 50% of tensile strength at 700ºF, and as much as 25% at 1000ºF.

Excellent Dimensional Stability
Will not stretch or shrink. No more than 3% elongation under maximum stress. Retains stability even at high temperatures.

High Tensile Strength
Highest strength-to-weight ratio of any industrial textile

Chemical Resistance
Inorganic Thermoglass™ is highly resistant to most chemicals except hydrofluoric and hot phosphoric acid and wet hydrogen chloride. Will not rot or mildew.

Excellent Electrical Properties
High dielectric strength and low constants

Great Flexibility
The very fine filaments used in making Thermoglass™ give it a high degree of flexibility.


Thermoglass™ textiles can be treated with special finishes to meet specific requirements. These finishes include: heat treatment to improve cutting qualities, weave set treatment to improve cutting and sewing, waterproof finish, rewet with pre-applied adhesive, flameproofed, siliconed and color dyed (red, orange, gray, etc.). It can also be supplied with laminated aluminum foil, aluminized Mylar® film, Neoprene or vinyl coating.

Formulation-Percent By Weight

All Amatex Thermoglass™ products listed in this catalog are made of “E” (Electrical) grade fiberglass. The chemical composition is as follows:
Silicone Dioxide 52-56%
Magnesium Oxide 0-6%
Calcium Oxide 16-25%
Sodium Oxide 0-1%
Aluminum Oxide 10-12%
Potassium Oxide 0-1%
Boron Oxide 8-12%

Meet U.S. Coast Guard Requirements

Thermoglass™ conforms to U.S. Coast Guard requirements for Incombustible Materials, subpart 164.009

Product Variations

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