Ultratemp-II (600ºF – 900ºF Cement Composite Board)

Ultra Temp II is a non-asbestos Glass-Mica, Quart-Cement refractory reinforced with continuous fibers to increase the toughness, reliability and overall performance of the cement composite. Supplied in sheets, boards, rods and other geometric shapes. Ultra Temp II can accommodate high temperature after initial heat conditioning, exhibits non-brittle behavior and can withstand thermal shock and cycling within its specified temperature range. Ultra Temp II may be machined with standard tools and yet structurally durable. Thermally and electrically insulating, Ultra Temp II is an excellent material choice for virtually any structural application. It is widely used in concert with or as a replacement for dense asbestos products, and where superior structural performance is required.


Density ( lb/ft³ )124
Flexural Strength3300 psi at 560ºF
4100 psi at 80ºF
Shapes are Available by Request (Arches, Wedges, Keys, Splits, Soaps, etc.)<>
Maximum Service Temperature ( ºF )700
Dielectric Strength ( V/mil )91
Water Absorption ( % )15
Compressive Strength10900 psi at 560 ºF
15500 psi at 80 ºF
Thickness ( in )0.39 to 2
Thickness ( mm )10
Volume Resistivity2.54 ohm-in x 1010
Thermal Conductivity ( BTU-in/hr-ft²-ºF )4.0
Typical CompositionGlass-Mica
Moisture ( % )10
Dry Arc Tracking ( sec )360
Area ( ft )3 x 4
Area ( mm )910 x 1200


  • Other sheet sizes, thickness and geometric shapes are available upon request- please inquire.
  • Contact West Coast Supplier & Fabricator.
  • Request heat-conditioning instructions.

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