Note: This is a variation of Ultratemp – Calcium Silicate Insulation Boards.

Ultratemp boards are inorganic, incombustible Calcium Silicate structural insulation boards. They feature a xonalite structure that results in exceptional strength and extremely low water of hydration. The materials are composed primarily of lime, silica, and reinforcing fibers. The product is white, essentially dust-free, and contains no asbestos. Ultratemp is available in thicknesses from 1/2″ to 3″ in 48″ x 96″ sheets, or cut-to-size as needed. Ultratemp materials should be specified when the following properties are required:

  • Thermal shock resistance and stability
  • Consistently low thermal conductivity
  • High structural strength at elevated temperatures
  • Incombustible
  • Electrical insulating properties when dry
  • Easily machinable
  • Insoluble in water and non-corroding


CompositionMonolithic Fiber Reinforced Calcium Silicate
Sheet Size ( ft )4 x 8
Sheet Size ( m )1.22 x 2.44
Moisture ContentNormal 4 % of Dry Weight
Density ( lb/ft³ )53
Density ( kg/m³ )847
Maximum Operating Temperature ( ºC )849
Maximum Operating Temperature ( ºF )1560
Flexural Strength ( kPa )7929
Flexural Strength ( psi )1150
Sheet Size ( ft )4 x 8
Sheet Size ( m )1.22 x 2.44
Available Thickness ( in )3/4, 1, 1.5, 2
Compressive Strength at 10% Deformation ( kPa )17237
Compressive Strength at 10% Deformation ( psi )2500

Additional Information

Ultratemp-AL is a carbon fiber reinforced calcium silicate boarcell nameeveloped specifically for molten metal applications. Components machined from Ultratemp-AL are generally used for the movement, distribution, flow control, and casting of non-ferrous metals and their alloys. Ultratemp-AL board exhibits exceptional uniformity and dimensional stability, prolonging it’s service life and minimizing costly replacement procedures. It’s high strength, low shrinkage, and non-wetting properties ensure that components are highly resistant to breakage or cracking during casting and subsequent cleaning operations.


Molten metal contact boards are heat treated calcium silicate formulations for use in conveying, containing and forming molten aluminum and other non-ferrous metals. Applications include holding furnace linings, tips for continuous casters, transition plates, hot top transition rings, plugs, baffles, skimmers, troughs, spouts, floats, distribution boxes, and filter boxes.

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