Temp-Mat Blanket (1200ºF Flexible Fiberglass Insulation Blanket)

TEMP-MAT is manufactured to conform with the requirements of Military Specification MIL-I-16411 Type II and Coast Guard Specification for Incombustible Materials #164.009 and MIL-I-24244.

TEMP-MAT is a 100% fiber glass mat which is an effective low cost replacement for asbestos mats, millboard; ceramic or refractory fiber paper, mat and sheets; and mineral fiber boards. It is composed of 100% “E” type glass fibers which are put into web form and mechanically needled together without chemical binders.

TEMP-MAT is used as a thermal insulation and gasket material in home and industrial furnaces, package boilers and for special piping applications where heat resistance, flexibility and low special air and liquid chemical and thermal resistance are mandatory.


Service Temperature ( ºF )Up to 1200
Fire ResistanceIncombustible
Moisture AbsorptionNegligible
Weight (Approximate) 1" ( oz/ft² )15
Weight (Approximate) 1/2" ( oz/ft² )6
Weight (Approximate) 1/4" ( oz/ft² )3
Loss in Weight at 1200ºF ( % )Up to 2
Density (Approximate) 1" ( lb/ft³ )11
Density (Approximate) 1/2" ( lb/ft³ )9
Density (Approximate) 1/4" ( lb/ft³ )9
Thermal Conductivity at 9.1 lb/ft³ (300ºF) Mean Temperatures0.40
Thermal Conductivity at 9.1 lb/ft³ (500ºF) Mean Temperatures0.50
Thermal Conductivity at 9.1 lb/ft³ (700ºF) Mean Temperatures0.65
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