Steatite (1800ºF Low Porosity Ceramic – Cast & Extruded Parts)

L3 Steatite is ideal for high frequency, low loss, and high voltagcell namelectrical insulation. Our L-3 Steatite has good mechanical properties and low loss electrical qualities. It is ideal for resistor forms, igniters, standoffs, surge arrestors, coil forms, spacers, spark plugs, etc. Steatite is easily fabricated to close tolerances and is much less expensive than alumina ceramic insulators. Typical parts produced from Steatite are cores, tubes, rods, spacers, resistors, bushings, insulating washers, standoffs, and custom molded parts.


Density ( #/in³ )0.094
Dielectric Strength ( V/mil )230
Specific Gravity ( g/cc )2.6
Hardness ( Moh's Scale )7.5
Water Absorption0 to 0.02% (impervious)
Flexural Strength at 1000 psi18
Compressive Strength at 1000 psi80
Tensile Strength at 1000 psi8.5
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion ( Per ºC )8.0 x 10-6
Resistance to Impact ( in/lb )5
Safe Operating Temperature ( ºC )1000
Safe Operating Temperature ( ºF )1832
Te Value ( ºC )850
Te Value ( ºF )1562
Dielectric Constant at 1 Megacycle/Sec.5.5
Power Factor at 1 Megacycle/Sec.0.005
Loss Factor at 1 Megacycle/Sec.0.028

Thermal Conductivity (k) ( BTU-in/hr-ft²-ºF )


Thermal Conductivity (k) ( W/m-ºC )


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