Silica Tapes (1800ºF Silica Tapes)

Silica woven tapes retain strength and flexibility in insulation applications at temperatures to 1800ºF (982ºC). When spiral wrapped over Pipes, hoses, or cables, they offer protection against molten metal or extreme radiant heat. Silica is completely fireproof and with its high purity silica (SiO2) content (96% minimum) it protects against contamination in high temperaturcell namenvironments. All silica tapes are available with pressure sensitive adhesive to facilitate wrapping installations. Upon exposure to the service temperatures that justify the selection of silica materials, the organic adhesive is completely decomposed ancell nameisappears.


PackagingStandard spool sizes for are 100 lineal feet for 1/16" thick tapes and 50 lineal feet for 1/8" and 1/4" thick tapes.


  • Standard spool sizes in stock. Custom lengths available on request.
  • Spool length tolerance + or 10%.
  • Two pieces per spool allowed. Minimum piece length 12 feet.
Silica is also available in the forms of Cloth, Sleeving, and Rope.
Silica tapes and sleeving are also available with aluminized and silicone (Pyrojacket) coatings.

Tape is also available with a pressure sensitive adhesive backing.


Silica rape insulation applications in ferrous and non-ferrous molten metals environments include cooling and fuel/hydraulic line hoses, heating elements, electrical cables and motor leads, and cooling water pipelines subjected to molten metal splash. A spiral wrap with silica tape insures against a failure due to extreme high soak temperature or possible catastrophic excursion temperatures.

Vertical strip furnace curtains can be constructed with silica tape suspended in a “mop-like” fashion to provide a thermal barrier between the outside shop environment and the controlled temperature zones of the furnace interior, while allowing penetration of heat treated parts through the curtain with minimal openings or exposures. Annealing furnaces and slot pre-heat furnaces are typical applications for silica tape curtains.

Product Variations

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