01-611 Rope

Note: This is a variation of Silica Braided Ropes (1800ºF Silica Ropes).

Silica ropes retain strength and flexibility in applications with temperatures up to 1800ºF (982ºC). They also offer protection against molten metal or extreme radiant heat. Silica is completely fireproof and with its high purity silica (SiO2) content (96% minimum) it protects against contamination in high temperaturcell namenvironments.


Nominal Diameter ( in )3/4
Nominal Yield ( ft/lb )7.4
Standard Spool Size ( ft )50

Additional Information

Rope for 1800ºF Service
Braided glass fiber ropes are processed into 96% pure silica (SiO2), wasting the thermal performance of the textile ropes to 1800ºF, silica braided ropes are available in several diameters to serve as compressible seals and fillers in extremely high temperature applications without shrinkage or embrittlement. Where guaranteed performance is required at temperatures over 1000ºF, rope gaskets provide the protection and insurance against thermal deterioration and seal failures.


Rope gaskets are used in high temperature compressible sealing and packing applications where temperatures exceed 1000ºF and protection against thermal spikes over 1800ºF is required. Coke oven door seals, crucible lid gaskets, expansion seals for molten metal casting molds are included among the many industrial applications

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