01-105 Glasket Rope

Note: This is a variation of Silica Braided Ropes (1800ºF Silica Ropes).

Silica ropes retain strength and flexibility in applications with temperatures up to 1800ºF (982ºC). They also offer protection against molten metal or extreme radiant heat. Silica is completely fireproof and with its high purity silica (SiO2) content (96% minimum) it protects against contamination in high temperaturcell namenvironments.


Nominal Diameter ( in )1/4
Nominal Yield ( ft/lb )62.5
Standard Spool Size ( ft )500

Additional Information

Glasket™ Rope is a family of glass fiber braided ropes intended for high temperature applications up to 1000ºF. The rope consists of a fiberglass yarn core with a fiberglass braided jacket to form an exact diameter for controlled compression seals. Larger diameters have a “braid-over-braid” jacket for durability and precise gasket dimensions.


Glasket™ Rope is suitable for high temperature dust collection bags and all types of sealing applications where temperatures do not exceed 1000ºF. Own door seals in industrial soaking or healing processes are typical applications. Fillers for expansion joints, boiler door packings, manhole cover gaskets, are among the many other applications. Heat cleaning is available which sets the fibers to prevent end fraying

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