MD-60 Pyropel

Note: This is a variation of Pyropel (Rigid and Flexible 600ºF Polyimide Fiber Insulating Boards & Felts).

Pyropel industrial insulation comes in a wide range of thermal and mechanical properties to address specific application needs, from high compressive strength MD-60 for tool base or platen insulators to MD-18 for highly efficient perimeter insulation. Pyropel is also available in solid plastic form use as precision thermal/mechanical machine components.


Glass Transition Temperature (Tg) ( ºF )600
Density ( lb/ft³ )60
Flexural Strength ( psi )132260
ColorLight Brown
Tensile Modulus ( psi )164000
Standard Sheet Size ( ft )2 x 3
FormRigid Fiberboard
Standard Thickness ( in )5/32
Yield Strength ( psi )3070
Elongation at 2% Offset ( % )4
Elongation at Break ( % )6
Compression Modulus ( psi )58000
Strength at 2% Strain ( psi )1150
Continuous Use Temperature ( ºF )550
Thermal Conductivity at 25ºC (77ºF)0.80
Thermal Conductivity at 93ºC (200ºF)0.83
Thermal Conductivity at 149ºC (300ºF)0.86
Thermal Conductivity at 204ºC (400ºF)0.90
Flammability Rating94V-O

Additional Information

Pyropel® is available in three different forms:

Medium Density (MD)
Pyropel MD is a lightweight fiberboard with superior insulation properties. Pyropel MD-12, MD-18, and MD-30 are semi-rigid and are normally used in areas that require both isolation and limited mechanical resistance.
Pyropel MD-50 and MD-60 are rigid insulation for mechanically demanding areas. More resilient, MD-50 is ideal when loading is not evenly distributed or when equipment alignment is not perfect. MD-60 is the most structurally rigid grade of Pyropel MD and offers the highest compression resistance and physical tolerances.

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