10-620TW Silica Heavy Wall Sleeving

Note: This is a variation of Nextel & Silica Sleeving (1800ºF+ Silica Sleeving).

Nextel (2300ºF) and Silica (1800ºF) sleeving retain strength and flexibility in applications requiring extremely high heat resistance. They also offer protection against molten metal or extreme radiant heat. Both Nextel and Siliccell namere completely fireproof and protect against contamination in high temperaturcell namenvironments.


Nominal Diameter ( in )3
Nominal Yield ( ft/lb )0.065
Standard Spool Size ( ft )50

Other Properties

With dielectric strength of 40 volts/mil, silica sleeving is a good insulation for electrical leads and instrumentation wire. Silica is resistant to oxidation and most industrial chemicals, with thcell namexception of hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid, and strong alkalis.

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