Molten Metal Contact Boards

Metalflow, Monalite, and Ultratemp-AL are strong, machinable, non-asbestos and inorganic Calcium Silicate board insulations for conveying, containing, handling and forming molten aluminum and other non-ferrous metals. Made of fibers, micro siliccell namend ahydrothermally-produced inorganic binder, they are ideal materials for conveying and controlling the flow of aluminum. Manufactured for greater life and improved machining characteristics. High heat treatment removes excess water, and minimizes shrinkage that would normally occur in service. These unique board materials have many outstanding advantages. Metals do not adhere to them, even when they cool and solidify, so skull can bcell nameasily removed. They require no foundry facing wash, ancell nameo not lead to contamination of the metals. Molten metals are conveyed with less heat loss, so stay at a more uniform temperature, and therefore can be handled at a lower temperature. Because they have a low heat capacity, preheating isn’t required. They are crack and shock-resistant, and offer cost efficiency through a long service life.


CompositionMonolithic Fiber Reinforced Calcium Silicate


Molten metal contact boards are heat treated calcium silicate formulations for use in conveying, containing and forming molten aluminum and other non-ferrous metals. Applications include holding furnace linings, tips for continuous casters, transition plates, hot top transition rings, plugs, baffles, skimmers, troughs, spouts, floats, distribution boxes, and filter boxes.

Product Variations

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