Industrial Board 41

Note: This is a variation of Mineral Wool Board (1200ºF Industrial Mineral Wool Board).

THERMFIBER Industrial Board is an economical, semi-rigid, preformed mineral fiber insulation consisting of chemically inert mineral fibers bonded with a high temperature, thermosetting binder. Industrial Board is available in nominal densities from 4 to 12 lb./cu. ft. and suitable for temperatures up to 1200ºF (650ºC).


Linear Shrinkage<2% at 1200ºF (649ºC)
0% at 1050ºF (551ºC)
Melting Point ( ºC )1093
Melting Point ( ºF )>2000
Surface Burning CharacteristicsFlame spread 15; Smoke developed 0, per ASTM E-84
Stress CorrosionComplies with ASTM C-795. MIL I 24244A
Moisture ResistanceAdsorbs less than 1% by weight per ASTM C-553
CombustibilityRated noncombustible as defined by NFPA 220 when tested in accordance with ASTME-136
Nominal Density ( lb )4
ComplianceASTM C 612-00, Type II
Maximum Thickness Wabash ( in )6
Maximum Thickness Tacoma ( in )6
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