Maxfire Board (Inorganic 2300ºF – 2600ºF Vacuum Formed Insulation Board)

Maxfire Boards are rigid self-supporting fiber insulation boards manufactured from a slurry consisting of ceramic fibers and either organic or inorganic (smoke-free) binders. Maxfire boards exhibit low thermal conductivity, high strength and thermal stability at elevated temperatures, and they have the capability to withstand chemical attack. Exceptions include hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid, and strong alkalies. A small amount of combustible binder will burn out at approximately 300ºF in grades with organic binder. Additional hardness and strength can be achieved with post treatments. Board capabilities are up to 70” x 120” x 1/4 to 3″ thick


Dielectric Strength ( V/mil )25.4
Tensile Strength ( MPa )0.5
Thickness ( in )1/2
Available Density ( lb/ft³ )16(LD) to 26(HD)
Available Density ( kg/m³ )260 to 420
Thermal Conductivity for Density of 285 kg/m³ (18 lb/ft³)0.085 W/m-K at (752 ºF)
0.132 W/m-K at (1472 ºF)
0.180 W/m-K at (1832 ºF)
Sizes Available ( in )24 x 36
24 x 48


Higher temperature boards are available upon request.

Product Variations

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