KX-99 High Fired Super Duty Fire Brick (3200ºF 42% Alumina Hard Brick)

Note: This is a variation of Hard Fire Bricks (High Density / Super Duty).

Foundry Service supplies Hard “Super Duty” and “Medium Duty” Fire Bricks that are rated for superior strength in applications of over 3000ºF (1650ºC). They exhibit low shrinkage, excellent thermal shock resistance, and good resistance to alkali and carbon monoxide disintegration.


Shapes are Available by Request (Arches, Wedges, Keys, Splits, Soaps, etc.)<>
Composition2.3% TiO2
52.6% SiO2
42.2% Al2O3
Density ( g/cm³ )2.29
Density ( lb/ft³ )143
Maximum Operating Temperature ( ºC )1753
Maximum Operating Temperature ( ºF )3187
Modulus of Rupture ( MPa )15.2
Modulus of Rupture ( psi )2200
Cold Crushing Strength ( MPa )62.1
Cold Crushing Strength ( psi )9000
Standard Brick Sizes ( in )9 x 4.5 x 2.5
9 x 4.5 x 3
Apparent Porosity ( % )12
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