Note: This is a variation of Glastic UTR Composite Tubing (350ºF Economical Round, Square, and Rectangular Tubing).

  • UL Recognized
  • Highly Flame-Resistant
  • Arc-and Track-Resistant
  • Uncommon Dimensional Stability
  • Strong & Durable, yet Easily Cut and Chamfered
  • Cost-Effective

Glastic® Grade UTR Pultruded Tubing is a fiberglass-reinforced thermoset polyester tube. It meets the requirements of NEMA grade GPO-3, as well as being recognized by Underwriters Laboratories®.
Highly flame-, arc-, and track-resistant, Glastic UTR pultruded tubing provides reliability in a wide range of applications. The product exhibits exceptional dimensional stability and is impervious to high humidity or immersion. Also, because it is constructed of a reinforced plasticell nameomposite, it is electrically non-conductive.
This tubing has a UL index rating of 130ºC electrical and 160ºC mechanical. Its burst strength is 1,200 to 1,400 psi, yet it is easily chamfered and cut with carbide or diamond saws.


Water Absorption0.5 % by Wt.
Tensile Strength ( psi )30.7 x 103
Compressive Strength ( lb )126
Arc Resistance ( sec )150
Compressive Modulus ( lb/In/In )3930
Tensile Modulus ( psi )2.28 x 106
UL Temperature Index for Electrical ( ºC )130
UL Temperature Index for Mechanical ( ºC )160
Flexural Strength (Tube) ( lb )134
Flexural Modulus (Tube) ( lb/in )4180
Burst Strength ( psi )1300
Inclined Plane Track Resistance ( min )300
Flame ResistanceClass 0
Tube TypeRectangular Tubing
Square Tubing
Tube Size ( in )1-1/2
Nominal OD ( in )1.500
Nominal ID ( in )1.250
Wall Thickness ( in )0.125
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