Fused Silica Cement (99% Silica 2000ºF+ Cement)

Fused Silica Cement is a water based, inorganicell nameement for patching, joining, coating or repairing fused silica products, especially Fused Silica Foam-50 and slip cast fused silica from Foundry Service. Its composition is virtually 100% silica. Despite its high solids content, for low drying shrinkage, its pourable consistency permits easy application and usage by a variety of methods.


CompositionAl2O3 - 0.3%
Other Inorganic - Trace
SiO2 - 99%
Dry Density ( lb/ft³ )95
Wet Density ( lb/gal )14.5
Solids Content ( % )85
Normal Shelf Life ( y )1
Normal use Temperature ( ºF )2000

General use Instructions

Due to its high solids content, Fused silica Cement must be stirred beforcell nameach use. Ideally, containers of the cement should be rolled for several hours or more before use to suspend the fused silica solids. Cement not agitated for long periods of time may become difficult to re-constitute.

Surfaces to be coated or repaired should be clean and free of loose grit, oil, or other contaminants. Once applied, Fused Cement hardens quickly as it dries. Drying time can be reduced with elevated temperature, forced air drying. The speed of drying may affect bond strength, particularly with thicker applications of the cement. Normal application thickness is less than an eighth of an inch, but thicker cross-sections are possible.

These properties represent typical results obtained under controlled conditions and are subject to normal variations. Results are subject to change and should not be used for specification purposes. Actual use temperature limit depends on installation, construction, heating rates, and other service conditions.

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