Note: This is a variation of Corrugated Fiber Cement Boards.

Non-combustible corrugated fiber cement boards. Profile 6, and Profile B5 are differentiated by the size of corrugation in the sheets; Profile B5 has smaller corrugations and Profile-6 having the largest corrugations. All pf the sheets are manufactured from a selected blend of Portland cement and water, while being reinforced with a mixture of both natural and synthetic fibers. Corrugated fiber cement boards offer the following benefits for roofing or siding:

  • Highly cost effective weatherproofing
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • No rust, rot or corrosion
  • Resistant to chemical attack
  • Vapour permeability reduces condensation
  • Excellent noise and thermal insulation
  • Quick and easy to install and fix
  • Wide product and color range



CompositionNon-Asbestos Fiber Cement
Available Thickness ( in )17/64
Available Thickness ( mm )6.7
Sheet Length ( ft )8
Sheet Length ( in )96
Sheet Length ( mm )2440
Sheet Width ( in )42.8
Sheet Width ( mm )1086
Minimum Roof Pitch ( º )5

Additional Information

Profile 6 and safety in roof work
When correctly installed, Profile 6 has been tested and classified as non- fragile, and must be considered when working to the roof safety requirements of HSG 33. In addition, Profile 6 has also passed the French and Danish standards with flying colours.
Profile 6 is a high strength fibre cement sheet with polypropylene reinforcement strips inserted along precisely engineered locations which run for the full length of the sheet in each corrugation. This provides maximum reinforcement strength with no loss of durability in service.
Profile 6 sheet lengths (mm)
1525, 1675, 1825, 1975, 2125, 2275, 2440, 2600, 2750, 2900, 3050.
Farmscape lengths (mm)
1525, 2440, 2900

Which Profile?

The decision to use Profile 3 or Profile 6 sheets will depend largely upon the following four criteria:

1. The scale of the building in question.
2. Compatibility with any existing materials.
3. The distance from centre to centre of the horizontal fixing railsor purlins.
4. Whether or not the roofing material is to be classified as non-fragile.

Reference should therefore be made to the sheet sizes, fixing detailsand product data provided in this leaflet before deciding which type ofprofiled sheeting to use.


Profile-3 and Profile-6 Accessories

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