Ceramic Fiber Moldable (2300ºF Air-Setting Ceramic Fiber Moldable Putty)


  • High-temperature putty
  • Ready to use
  • Easy to apply
  • Air dries and hardens
  • Regular and sticky version (SV)

Kaowool Moldable is a mixture of ceramic fiber, silica binders, and fillers which produces an insulating product with a sticky consistency. This type of mix is ideal for applications such as penetration seals, metal stud protection (as in ceramicell nameone anchors), and for patching refractory cracks and fissures. The temperature of Kaowool Moldable and any surface to which it is to be applied should be 70ºF (20ºC) or above to ensure proper adhesion.

Drying is possible at room temperature; but depending on thickness, may require an extended period of time. Heated, forced air drying is recommended, This may be safely accomplished at any internal temperature below 212ºF. Ventilation should be providecell nameuring drying to exhaust organic fumes resulting from vaporization of certain organic agents.


Chemical AnalysisAlumina (Al2O3) - 24.00%
Other - 11%
Silica (SiO2) - 60.75%
Standard Sizes1 gallon can - 10 lb
32 tubes/case (11-3/4 oz. tube) - 24 lb
5 gallon can - 50 lb
Linear Shrinkage ( % )Drying 220ºF, 24 hours - 0.2
Fired 2000ºF, 5 hours - 3.0
pH9 to 10
Maximum Temperature Rating ( ºF )2300
Melting Point ( ºF )3200
Percent Solids55
Dried Density ( lb/ft³ )47
Dried Modulus of Rupture ( psi )311
Hot Gas Erosion Resistance ( ft/sec )>200


Cans should be kept sealed to avoid hardening. Kaowool Moldable will be damaged if allowed to freeze.

Typical Applications

  • Metal stud protection
  • Patching mix for ceramic fiber and refractory products
  • Trough linings for aluminum and other non-ferrous metals
  • Patching around burner blocks

Installation Information

Kaowool Moldable may be installed with plastic gloves, trowels, spatulas, or a caulking gun. it is easily smoothed to the desired contour by water-wetting the forming tool and molding to shape. Excessive wetting will increase drying shrinkage.

Drying and Firing

Drying and firing conditions are dependent on the mass of Kaowool Moldable. If the mass is small, i.e., less than 1 pound (1/2 kg), it can be fired to its use temperature immediately without damage.
For large masses, the recommended practice is to force dry at 200ºF – 300ºF with a major uncovered surfaccell namexposed and adequate ventilation provided. Generally overnight drying is sufficient for thicknesses 1″ – 2″ (25 – 51 mm).

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