Cal-Stik (1000ºF+ Calcium Silicate Based Adhesive)

Super Calstik is a modified, silicate-based glue. It sets quickly to provide a high temperature bond for porous insulating materials. Super Calstik is completely asbestos free.


Density ( lb/gal )12
Density ( kg/m³ )1440
Tensile Strength ( kPa )20685
Tensile Strength ( psi )3000
Solids by Weight ( % )62
Viscosity-Brookfield ( cps )7200 to 8500
Wet Coverage0.8 mm, 1.23 m2/liter
1.6 mm, 0.61 m2/liter
1/32" thick, 50 sq. Ft./gallon
1/16" thick, 25 sq. Ft./gallon
Drying Time ( ºC )25
Drying Time ( ºF )77
Set ( sec )15
Handles ( min )5
Thorough Dry ( hrs )1-1/2
Minimum Application Temperature for Thorough Dry ( ºC )2
Minimum Application Temperature for Thorough Dry ( ºF )35
Melt Point at Decomposes ( ºC )587
Melt Point at Decomposes ( ºF )1088
Minimum Shore "C" Hardness - 24 Hour Care65
Resistance to Cracking0" - 1/4 Wedge - No Cracking
0" - 1/8 Wedge - No Cracking
Elongation-10 Day Cure ( % )2
Shrinkage - 10 Day Cure ( % )1
Adhesion to CalciumSilicate Insulation Falls Before Glue Line Joint
Non-Aqueous SolventsExcellent with Aromatic, Aliphatic and Oxygenated Solvents
Mineral AcidsSalt Formation and Loss of Bond Strength
Water-ColdSoftens Upon Lengthy Submersion
Water-HotSoftens Upon Continuous Contact


Super Calstik is used for bonding and sealing joints in super Firetemp® high temperature insulation and calcium silicate pipe and block insulation. It is used in grease ducts, structural steel and other fire-rated applications.

Storage and Application Limitations

Do Not Store Below 35ºF (2ºC) (Wet Product) – Freezes
Do Not Store Above 95ºF(35ºC) (Wet Product) – Bodies Up
Freeze-Thaw Stability (Wet Product) – No Cycles
Maximum Recommended Continuous
Service Temperature (Dry Product) – 1000ºF(538ºC)
Fire Resistance (Dry Product) – Passes 1200ºF(649ºC) Oven Without Charring
Effect on Metal (Dry Product) – Non-Corrosive
Removal from Surfaces
Immediately Use Hot Water and Soap Before It Dries

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