Note: This is a variation of Alumina (Porous) (3200ºF – 3600ºF Range).

Foundry Service offers Porous Alumina compositions from 88% to 99.7% alumina content. TA-530 is a nominal 90% alumina material that is excellent for molten metal contact, kiln furniture, and miscellaneous shapes. TA-530 combines high strength and thermal shock resistance yielding a versatile alumina product that is suitable in a wide variety of applications. TA-540 is a modified version of TA-530 that is best suited for miscellaneous kiln furniture. The higher content aluminas arcell namexcellent for use when silica content is critical. TA-505 is suitable for induction melting under vacuum due to a lower silica content while retaining thermal shock resistance. TA-507 is excellent for use in vacuum or hydrogen atmospheres due to the lowered silica content. TA-510F is preferred in hydrogen or vacuum atmospheres and has excellent strength at elevated temperatures.


Maximum Operating Temperature ( ºC )3200
Maximum Operating Temperature ( ºF )1760
Apparent Porosity ( % )15.5
Bulk Density ( g/cm³ )2.8
Bulk Density ( lb/ft³ )175
Modulus of Rupture (Room Temperature) ( MPa )13.8
Modulus of Rupture (Room Temperature) ( psi )2000
Nominal Chemical CompositionAl2O3 - 88.3
Fe2O3 - 0.08
SiO2 - 11.2
Other - <0.5
Hot Modulus of Rupture (at 2700ºF for 12 hrs.) ( MPa )8.5
Hot Modulus of Rupture (at 2700ºF for 12 hrs.) ( psi )1230
Thermal Stock ResistanceGood
Alumina Content (%)88.3
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