Transite boards are high density fiber reinforced cement boards capable of withstanding high temperatures, loads, and electrical conditions with less shrinkage ancell nameegradation as compared to previous non-asbestos formulas. Transite is hydraulically pressed into monolithic boards from portland cement and selected non-asbestos, non-ceramic/refractory fibers. The board is then air-cured (Transite-HT) or oven-cured (Transite-1000) for exceptional machinability, and sanded to a standard 24 grit finish. The materials are non-combustible and can withstand operating temperatures of up to 1000ºF. Transite has low thermal conductivity, so works well for many structural insulating applications. It is non-conductive and will not rot or mold when exposed to prolonged dampness. The materials can be cut and machined with standard carbide shop tools.


CompositionMonolithic non-asbestos fiber cement
Sheet Size ( in )48-5/8 x 96-5/8
Sheet Size ( mm )1235 x 2454
Water Absorption ( % )21
Thermal Conductivity at 250ºF (121ºC) ( BTU-in/hr-ft²-ºF )2.40
Thermal Conductivity at 250ºF (121ºC) ( W/m-ºK )0.34


Transite has exceptional machinability, so is capable of being machined into extremely intricate parts with excellent surface finish. Applications include load-bearing gaskets, press platen insulation, welding and high-temp. machine guards, laboratory bench tops and fume hood liners, bus bar supports, transformer spacers, electrical coil supports, arc shields, foundry core plates and blower boards, induction and metal-holding furnace tops/bottoms/sides and parts, oven shelving, soldering plates, molten metal splash guards, and welding shields.

Product Variations

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