Starflow KLS (2500ºF+ Sintered Mullite Based (Dry Applied) Furnace Repair Material)

STARFLOW™ KLS is a sintered mullite based (dry applied) product designed specifically for maintenance of furnaces and forehearths.
STARFLOW™ KLS is composed of carefully sized aggregates, in addition to a unique binder package that enhances ease of application, sintering and elevated temperature performance.


Modulus of Rupture ( psi )1540
Cold Crushing Strength ( psi )2610
Apparent Porosity ( % )37
Bulk Density ( lb/ft³ )112
Packaging48 pails/ pallet
50 lb. pails
Chemical CompositionAl2O3 - 63.0%
Fe2O3 - 0.7%
Na2O - 6.1%
Others - 0.1%
SiO2 - 28.8%
TiO2 - 1.3%
Refired ( ºF )1500
Linear Change ( % )0.2
Hot Modulus of Rupture ( psi )510
Abrasion Volume Lost ( cc )7.2
Service Limit ( ºF )3000


Installations over 2500ºF require as little as 1 minute for curing ancell namerying. Once activated, the material will flow and level to reprofile the affected areas.

Physical Properties

Typical, as determined on test specimens. ASTM methods used where applicable.

Application Method

STARFLOW™ KLS is a dry mix that requires no addition of water or any gunning equipment to apply. Install STARFLOW™ KLS by placing the material as received into the desired location of the furnace or forehearth. A minimum temperature of 1000ºF is required to activate the material.

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