Sauereisen Cement (1800ºF+ High Strength Ceramic Cement and Crack Filler)

A major manufacturer of home appliances utilizes No, 1 to seal the set screw (located at stem base indicated by arrow) of this thermostat, and thus assure maintenance of the proper temperature range calibration.

Physical properties were determined on specimens prepared under laboratory conditions using applicable ASTM procedures. Actual field conditions may vary and yielcell nameifferent result;. therefore datcell namere subject to reasonable deviation. Data should not be used for specification purposes.


Modulus of Rupture ( kg/cm² )32
Modulus of Rupture ( psi )460
Maximum Service Temperature ( ºC )982
Maximum Service Temperature ( ºF )1800
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion ( in/in/ºF )6.2 x 10-6
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion ( cm/cm/ºC )11.2 x 10-6
Tensile Strength ( kg/cm² )28
Tensile Strength ( psi )410
Compressive Strength ( kg/cm² )274
Compressive Strength ( psi )3900
Shear Strength ( kg/cm² )49
Shear Strength ( psi )710
Dielectric Constant3.5 to 6.0
Dielectric Strength at 70ºF (21ºC) ( V/mil )12.5 to 51.0
Dielectric Strength at 70ºF (21ºC) ( V/mm )490 to 2000
Dielectric Strength at 750ºF (399ºC) ( V/mil )≤15.0
Dielectric Strength at 750ºF (399ºC) ( V/mm )588
Dielectric Strength at 1475ºF (801ºC) ( V/mil )≤1.3
Dielectric Strength at 1475ºF (801ºC) ( V/mm )51
Volume Resistivity at 70ºF (21ºC) ( ohm-cm )108 to 109
Volume Resistivity at 750ºF (399ºC) ( ohm-cm )104 to 105
Volume Resistivity at 1475ºF (801ºC) ( ohm-cm )102 to 103

Strong Inorganic Adhesive


Sauereisen Insa-Lule Adhesive Cement No. 1 is specified throughout industry for assembling, insulating, heal treating, and cementing porcelain, glass, metal, and other materials. No. 1 is also used to replace sealing wax, bolts, nuts, screws, and mica because it readily adheres to practically any non-plastic surface which is clean and free from oil and grease.

Application / Curing

Sauereisen No. 1 is supplied as a ready mixed paste and may be applied by brushing, dipping, or spraying. Depending on the application, No. 1 maybe thinned with Sauereisen Thinning Liquid No. 14.
No. 1 is suitable for use on production lines with mechanical dispensers or applicators as it will not harden in thcell namequipment.
Hardening is by air drying into a white porcelain-like body. In applications where the cement is not exposed to the air, such as in spark plug or fuse assembling, it must be dried by baking at low temperatures.
The cement is also available in a powder form known as Sauereisen Insa-Lute Adhesive Cement No. P-1 (Powder). It is mixed with water to obtain the proper consistency when the cement is used, it has the same characteristics as No. 1 (Paste).


  • Heal conductive and thermal shock resistant
  • Insulates electricity
  • Resists all acids (except hydrofluoric)
  • Resists oil and fire
  • Resists temperature to 1800ºF (962ºC)
  • Morcell nameconomical than resins or silicones
  • Replaces resins for high temperature applications
  • Good mechanical bond
  • Can be colored
  • One part cement, ready to use
  • Odorless

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