PaperStone Certified is made of 100% FSC-Certified recycled paper, water-based phenolic resin with cashew nut shell binder and pigment. Heat and pressure transform this mixture into a thoroughly impregnated network of cellulose fibers that give PaperStone its hardness, density and strength in span or cantileverecell nameesigns.


Water Absorption (by Weight) ( % )0.82
Internal Bond ( lb )1.225
Modulus of Rupture in X Direction (Flexibility)21834 psi (Edge)
24320 psi (Face)
Modulus of Rupture in Y Direction (Flexibility)21413 psi (Edge)
24080 psi (Face)
Modulus of Elasticity in X Direction( ksi )1724.25
Modulus of Elasticity in Y Direction ( ksi )1666.58
Compressive Strength in Z Direction45324 psi (Face)
Compressive Strength in X Direction( psi )23200
Compressive Strength in Y Direction ( psi )22560
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion in Z Direction2.62
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion in X Direction3.64
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion in Y Direction3.48
IZOD Impact Strength in X Direction0.73 ft/lb/inch-width (Edge)
3.29 ft/lb/inch-width (Face)
IZOD Impact Strength in Y Direction0.75 ft/lb/inch-width (Edge)
2.76 ft/lb/inch-width (Face)
Barcole Meter (Barber Coleman) Hardness Test47 Avg.
UV ExposureSlight darkening for light colors, dark colors are stable
FormaldehydeNo detected residues
Flamespread Index(20) Class A Rating
Smoke Developed Index(110) Class A Rating
Density (g/em3) ( % )0.7402
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