Micatemp / Mycalex (750ºF – 1300ºF Machinable Ceramic Materials)

Micatemp Machinable Glass/Mica Ceramic Composite are designed for electro-mechanical and thermo-mechanical applications requiring one or more of the following properties: good machinability, excellent resistance to heat and/or open flame up to 1832ºF (1000ºC), low thermal conductivity, excellent electrical insulation, extremely high resistance to pressure, high resistance to impact (cracking, and chipping), impervious to most chemicals (including oil, grease, and water), asbestos-free, and ecologically safe and non-toxic.


FlammabilityDoes not burn
Moisture AbsorptionNil
Hardness - Rockwell H ( H )90
Hardness - Brinell ( H )56

Product Variations

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