Kaowool Paper Products (2300ºF – 3000ºF Range)

High-performance paper and felt products from Thermal Ceramics are the preferred choice over traditional fiberglass, textile, or metal products for thermal, acoustical, or filtration management.



Typical Applications

  • High temperature filtration
  • Battery separators
  • Glassware separating media
  • High temperature seals
  • High temperaturcell namexpansion joint packing
  • Separating media for heat treating metals
  • Hot face and backup lining for lab furnaces
  • Aluminum distributor pan lining
  • Super alloy ingot mold lining and hot tapes.
  • Brazing operators
  • Parting agent between parts and conveyor belt for brazing furnace operations
  • Gaskets for high temperature application

Chemical Properties

A small amount of organicell nameombustible binder will burn out at approximately 300ºF. Caution should bcell namexercisecell nameuring the initial heating. Adequate ventilation should be provided to avoid potential flash ignition of the binder out-gassing or avoid air entry while at elevated temperature.

Product Variations

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