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The Suquamish Clearwater Casino Resort and Hotel

This was a 98-room hotel addition to the Clearwater Resort and used Cembonit/Patina Amber and Ruby fiber cement boards for the rainscreen cladding system. The natural look, low maintenance, and the integral color were the main draw for the owners and architects to use Cembonit/Patina fiber cement boards on this project.

Seasons at Compton

This Senior Community Project is pending LEED Gold certification by the USGBC and features 84 affordable rent apartment units. This project features Minerit HD (high-density fiber cement boards) on a rain-screen system, as well as the main fencing within the complex. The Minerit HD was painted orange to give the complex its bold look. The panels that are used as cladding have V-shaped machined grooves in them. The fencing consists of Minerit HD slats staggered on each side of the fence to save material and give the fence depth.

331 Foothill Road, Beverly Hills

This project is pending LEED Gold certification by the USGBC and features approximately 73,000 square feet. Mainly used as office space, this project incorporates many different exterior materials. The main fa├žade material is Eter-Color Ochre-Yellow (through-colored high-density fiber cement boards). These panels were used on a rain-screen system, as well as for the soffits and ceilings.

More Projects

Visit our Flickr page to see even more architectural projects featuring our high-density fiber cement boards.

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